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Youth Leadership Program

The Youth Leadership and Mentoring Program is designed to provide a platform for high school students to gain self-confidence and discover their self-worth. This is achieved through leadership skills training and practicing those skills by mentoring and supporting English Language Learner (ELL) students (4th-5th graders), so that they can further strengthen their confidence, and shape their character. The Mentor team offers the ELL students homework assistance, playing games and skits to reduce school-related academic and social stresses and gain self-confidence. In addition, the Mentors, by being positive role models, encourage mentees to share and discuss issues, concerns and aspirations that are important to them. Through this interaction, both the mentors and the mentees will  discover their self-worth, potential and confidence, and also learn compassion, sympathy,  social responsibility, collaboration, and, public speaking skills that are important qualities for the 21st century Globle citizens.


This is program is part of CCC’s East Meets Cultural Dialogue program, which offers to Malden high school students during the school year, and to the ELL students at Beebe and Salemwood schools during the spring semester between January and May on Fridays after school.  For more information about how your child may take part in this program, please contact us at


This program is in collaboration with Cambridge Health Alliance and supported by Adelaide Breed Bayrd Foundation.

Youth Leadership and Mentoring Reflection 21

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