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興起,賞異國風情 ; 緣至,遇四海知音  

Who We Are

Where Cross-Cultural Understanding Begins.

Our History

The Chinese Culture Connection (CCC), is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that was founded in 1985 in Reading, MA. It relocated to Malden in 1999 to support the growing Asian immigrant population by building connections between Asians and the diverse community of Malden and surrounding cities. The CCC shares arts and culture and celebrates diversity throughout the greater Boston area.

Photo Gallery

Our Mission

To promote intercultural harmony, strengthen diverse communities and build bridges between American and Chinese people through interactive educational programs and arts in schools, libraries, museums and community centers throughout New England.

What We Do

CCC offers an array of cultural programs for both children and adults. Exposure to Chinese culture enhances participants' appreciation of their own culture, and expands their awareness and understanding of the world.

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