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Community Service

Community Services for Asian/Chinese immigrants 社区服务

To help those who are being left out from our virtual programs and services, we established two WeChat outreach support groups, one for the seniors, and one for the working parents. We also have a hotline that individuals can call into for one-on one support if they need additional help. By providing first hand translated information from local, state and federal sources, they can have timely access and be connected to the various news, resources, and benefits that may matter to them.

Types of Service We Provide 服务类别

The informational support may include: 咨询服务包括但不限于:

  • Immigration Assistance, ESL class 移民事项咨询(社保卡,绿卡,英语课,中国护照等)

  • Civic Engagement, Voter Education, School registration 公民参与, 选民登记,入学登记

  • LIHEAP---Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program 低收入能源援助咨询

  • Healthcare 医疗保险咨询(申请/更新医疗保险)

  • SNAP---Food Stamps Program 粮食券咨询

  • Unemployment Benefits 失业金咨询

  • Child Care Voucher 托儿券咨询

  • Senior Benefits 老年人事项咨询

Weekly Hotline 电话咨询时间

Every Wednesday  9 AM -12 PM   每周三上午9点-12点

If you have any questions regarding any of the above topics,  please call us at 781-321-6316, or email us at


This program is supported in part by the Adelaide Breed Bayrd Foundation, Foley Hoag Foundation, Asian American Commission,Mass Cultural Council and a State Agency.

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