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9th Annual “Thanksgiving” Ping Pong Tournament

Team Match 团队赛

Saturday 周六, 11/18/2023 上午 8:30 AM - 下午 5:00 PM

Location 地点

Malden High School Gym 摩顿高中体育馆 (77 Salem St, Malden, MA 02148)

Given the ongoing emergence of COVID-19 variants, there is still a possibility that COVID-19 may continue to pose a threat. Vaccination remains our most effective defense. We will have a walk-in vaccine clinic available at the event venue between 2:00 - 5:00 PM, and it is open to everyone. 在今年的活动现场,我们将提供新冠疫苗接种站 (11月18日下午2:00 - 5:00点),开放给所有人

The vaccine is FREE 疫苗免费接种

Please click on the button below to register 请您点击下方按钮提前注册:

If you have health insurance coverage, please provide relevant information during registration.


For nearly a decade, the Chinese Culture Connection has been promoting ping pong as a way to stay healthy and improve the quality of life in Greater Boston's Asian communities. Each year, we host the "Thanksgiving" Ping Pong Tournament with a broader purpose:

  • Advocating for Active Living: More than just a sporting event, our tournament is dedicated to promoting social and physical activities within Asian and Asian American communities, nurturing a culture of active living.

  • Inspiring Cross-Cultural Communication: This event is a place where Asians, Americans with Asian heritage, and non-Asians from varying backgrounds to meet and become friends. It is a chance to learn from each other and have a great time.

  • Connecting Generations: At our tournament, young and old can play together. Age does not matter when you are having fun and staying healthy! Ping pong brings people of all ages together, and we enjoy seeing people bond over their shared passion for ping pong and healthy living.


  • 倡导积极的生活态度:我们的比赛不仅仅是一场体育竞赛,更是一种生活态度的倡导。通过乒乓球,我们鼓励亚裔和亚裔美国人社区拥抱运动,养成健康的生活习惯,并在社交互动中找到快乐。

  • 促进跨文化交流:在这里,亚裔、有亚裔血统的美国人,以及来自各种不同背景的非亚裔人士相聚一堂,建立友谊。这是一个欢乐的场合,让人们相互学习,共同享受运动,为社区之间的联系架起了桥梁。

  • 联接不同年龄群体:我们的比赛欢迎各个年龄层的参与者。不论是年轻人还是年长者,不论是新手还是老手,每个人都可以站在同一赛台上竞技。在这里,年龄不再重要,最重要的是享受乐趣和保持身体健康。乒乓球让不同年龄的人聚在一起,我们也非常高兴能见证人们因共同热爱乒乓球和健康生活而结缘。

Registration for the 2023 Annual “Thanksgiving” Ping Pong Tournament is now open. We look forward to having you as a part of this year's event! 2023 年华夏“感恩杯”乒乓球赛报名已开始。我们期待见证您与您团队的精彩表现!

Early bird registration 早鸟报名 (结束于 Ends 10/22/2023)

每团队 $120/Team (3-4 members 人)

After 10/22/2023 之后, the registration fee 报名费为 will be 每团队 $150/team

* Includes Lunch and T-shirt 包括午餐和T恤

Competition Categories 乒乓球赛分组

  • Senior 老年组: Male age 60+, female age 55+, rating < 1,700 男性60岁以上, 女性55岁以上, 积分低于1700

  • Adult 成人组: Age 19 +, rating < 1,700 19岁以上,性别不限,积分低于1700

  • Student/Youth 学生组: Maximum age 18, rating < 1,700 18岁及18岁以下,积分低于1700

  • Open Mixed 公开组: No age, gender, or rating limit 不限年龄、性别、积分

  • Recreational 娱乐组: No age or gender limit, rating under 1,200 不限年龄、性别, 积分低于 1,200

* To ensure fairness in all categories, players with ratings higher than the specified ranges will be disqualified and forfeit any victories in their proper competition category. 为确保此类别的公平性,积分高于允许范围的参赛选手将被取消资格,并将丧失其竞争类别中的任何奖项。

Prizes for the top 3 teams in each category 每个组别的前三名团队将获得:
First place 第一名: Medal and $100 gift certificate, plus a team trophy 奖牌、$100礼券、团队奖杯
Second place 第二名: Medal and $80 gift certificate 奖牌、$80礼券

Third place 第三名: Medal and $50 gift certificate 奖牌、$50礼券

Sponsorship 赞助

Each year, we bring together 200+ players, ranging in age from 8 to 70+ years old, representing 10+ cities and towns across Greater Boston, including Boston, Brighton, Lexington, Malden, Medford, Newton, Quincy, Saugus, Waltham, and Winchester, among others. Your support holds the key to transforming an event of such scale into an exciting sports spectacle and a beloved community tradition.


If you have any questions or inquiries about the 2023 Annual “Thanksgiving” Ping Pong Tournament and sponsorship opportunities, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. 如对 2023 年华夏感恩杯乒乓球赛和赞助机会有任何疑问,请联系我们。

Email 邮箱:

Phone 电话: 781-321-6316

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