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January After School Newsletter 一月课后班速报

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Introduction of Chinese Culture 中国文化入门

In this semester, we introduce the beauty of Chinese Art. In the class which is shown below, we focused on China porcelain. One of the unique characteristics of the porcelain is its Blue and White color design. Students not only explored the seven stages of the making clay process through a video clip, but also got to design their own porcelain on paper. Everybody is an artist! Feeling so proud of them!


Chinese Language Class 中文课

Students are learning Chinese vocabulary, practicing simple conversations and learning about Chinese culture. They also have learned to sing Chinese songs and write Chinese characters. Here we are singing a Chinese song '小白兔' (the Little White Rabbit) and writing basic Chinese numbers attentively.


Creative Art

Students glued a reflective cardboard on paper and decorated the frame with their own creative design. It gave each individual room to express their own imagination and creativity. The result is that every single mirror is very unique.


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