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Food for Thought 食物思维补助基金

The Chinese Culture Connection (CCC) is very pleased to announce a grant award of $35,000.00 from The Boston Foundation for its “Food for Thought” Project. It supports those across the state most impacted by the COVID-19 health crisis, focusing on essential frontline workers and vulnerable populations including the homeless, immigrant populations, people with disabilities and those facing food insecurity.


What Do We Offer 我们能提供什么

Qualified families in Malden may receive a check of $200-$300, plus a book for each child. We hope to foster active reading and learning despite the challenges we are all facing during these difficult times. To maximize our efforts and support the needy families, the Chinese Culture Connection is collaborating with Malden Reads, AsiaUS Business, and Tzu Chi USA.  This grant will allow us to give relief funds on a first come, first served basis to  qualified applicants.


Who Can Apply 谁可以申请

We use income levels calculated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), based on Census data. These categories are calculated using a percentage of the Area Median Income.  The family which earns under the 50% AMI, would get $200, or families earning 30% AMI or below would get $300. Please view the chart below to identify if you are qualified. You can also visit here to view more information. 我们将利用美国房屋管理局所提供的下述数据为依据,对家庭的年度收入进行分类。家庭收入低于平均收入50%的家庭将获得$200补贴,低于30%的将获得$300补助。请根据下表内容对您的收入情况进行评估。您也可进入此网站查看详情。

FY 2010 Income Limit Area.jpg

Application Portal申请入口

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. We will inform your application result within one week. Please feel free to contact us at 本申请基于先到先得原则,发完即止。我们将会在提交申请后一周内给您回复。如有问题,请联系

Our application is closed. Thank you! 感谢您的参与,我们的申请已经截至。

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