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The Chinese Culture Connection is supported, in part, by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency that promotes excellence, inclusion, education, and diversity in the arts, humanities, and sciences.

School / Community Workshops

The Chinese Culture Connection offers an array of educational programs for both children and adults. Exposure to Chinese culture will not only enhance participants’ appreciation of their own culture, but also expand their awareness and understanding of the world.

Program For The General Public

CCC offers a variety of programs to people of all ages. Libraries, business and community centers may take advantage of our flexible programming options. All programs can be designed around the interests of the group, and are available for one- time events, extended courses of study, or a multiple workshop series. For more information about our other lectures on topics such as Chinese Medicine, or performance programs in Chinese classical music, lion dance or Tai Ji and Gong Fu martial arts, or fine arts and exhibits, please call CCC at 781.321.6316.

School Workshops For Grades K - 12

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Chinese Culture

To prepare our young generation to be savvy and confident global citizens, the Chinese Culture Connection (CCC) allows your students to take a trip to China, while still remaining in their classroom. These educational activities enhance the Language, Arts, Math and Social Studies curricula. They also expand intercultural appreciation, understanding, and racial harmony through a wide variety of exciting hands-on programs.

When the students fully understand and appreciate the subject, this appreciation can lead to greater creative imagination, confidence and application, which lead to greater performance in general school work and MCAS scores.

All programs can be designed around a teacher-defined focus or interests of the group, and are available for one-time events, extended courses of study, or a multiple workshop series. To book a program, please contact us.