Bilingual Chinese/双语中文

This class is designed for students both with and without any Chinese learning background. Students will be incorporate into different level of classes. The objective of this class is focused on students’ communicative ability in everyday social con- texts. In addition, the teacher will introduce the basics of Chinese writing: such as basic strokes, stroke order, and radicals.


Kids (Age 5-14)









Material Fee:

Depend on Different Teacher


Per Year

Location: Entrance to CCC’s Saturday and evening classes at the YMCA is on Mountain Ave.

Other Note:

  • CCC offers small classes, but requires a minimum of 4-5 students to open one.

  • A non-refundable annual registration fee is $10 for returning students, $20 for new students.

  • We accept both YMCA and CCC members. CCC’s Annual Membership fee for individual: $30; Family $50 - $60 depending on number of members.

  • Private or semi-private lessons are available. Tuition varies base on the subject & # of student.

  • Free for students who are taking 3 or more subjects during the Saturday classes.

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