Weekends Language and Art School

CCC offers a well-rounded day program for learners from 5 to 15 years old, from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Subjects range from Mandarin to math, abacus and English tutoring; from Chinese musical instruments, creative art, to Chinese martial arts to help students learn discipline and develop good character. Saturday classes are only available during the school year. For more information, please contact us at: Phone: 781-321-6316. Email:

This class is designed for students both with and without any Chinese learning background...

Bilingual Chinese/双语中文

Reciting Chinese classics at a very young age is like saving the ancient wisdom in the child’s head. While the memory is strong...

Chinese Classics/中国经典

Introduction to Chinese Martial art for beginners or students with at least one year of classes, ages 5-13, taught by a World...

Chinese Gongfu I & II/中国武术1 & 2

Full immersion class with Mandarin instruction for learners with some prior Mandarin experience, or who speak...


Level I & II: This class is the perfect place for young artists to develop their art skills. No prior experience necessary...

Creative Art 美术

Support vocabulary building, composition, reading comprehension and speaking and develop confidence!

English tutoring/英语辅导

Tutoring various levels of math, from homework support to advanced grade level of drills and practice to increase...

Math tutoring/数学辅导

Combined the 3 subjects together for the 3 hours of drilling.


For parents who are interested in bilingual education with their young, this class is tailored just for you.  The classes are...

Mommy & Me Chinese/妈妈和我一起学中文

Introduction to Piano for beginners, designed to teach the basic fingering techniques, chords, music notes, and practice with...

Piano Group Lesson (4-6 Students)/钢琴小班课

Introduction to Piano, each lesson is 30 minutes long. As described above, exposing children to music helps develop their...

Piano Private Lesson/钢琴一对一

Tutoring various levels of science, from homework support to advanced grade level support

Science tutoring/理科学辅导

Introduction to violin (50-minute lesson)- Understanding beat, rhythm and scales, children also learn how to divide, create...

Violin Group Lesson/小提琴小班课

Introduction to violin for beginners (30-minute lesson) – Understanding beat, rhythm, and scales, children also learn how to...

Violin Private Lesson/小提琴一对一

Weiqi (Go) has a creativity and constructiveness missing from other games, whose object is to destroy or conquer.

WeiQi (GO)/围棋

Please tell us your suggestions for our future programs and topics?

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The Chinese Culture Connection is supported, in part, by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency that promotes excellence, inclusion, education, and diversity in the arts, humanities, and sciences.